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computerTelephony_1As consumer expectations for service rise, call center agents are arming themselves with tools that can help them better meet the needs of their customers. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is the tool of choice for most call center agents in their battle to win the hearts of their customers.

CTI is a technology that allows computer systems to interact with telephones and other forms of communication (i.e., email, text messaging, web messaging, live chat, fax, etc.). Most progressive call centers leverage call center software with CTI functionality. It has helped these call centers gain a competitive edge in their industry as it enables them to take a more data-driven approach to interacting with their callers.

Below are some of the benefits of Computer Telephony Integration in the call center:

computerTelephony_2Agents can make and receive calls directly from their computer

With CTI, no phones are necessary. Call center agents can make and receive calls from their computer with just a click of a mouse. Additionally, with call control in the browser (i.e., answer, hang up, transfer, hold, mute, etc.), call center agents never have to go back and forth between their call center software and desk phone when handling calls. They have advanced call control functionality right where it should be – alongside the information that is fueling their conversation with the caller.

Agents know exactly who is calling before they answer the phone

With automated screen pop, call center agents can view detailed information about the caller (i.e., their name, image, phone number, dialed number, email, company, position within the company, etc.) automatically in their computer screen as they are being routed the call. This will allow them to greet the caller professionally by their name and have all of their relevant information ready to go when they speak with the caller. This significantly reduces handle time as agents don’t have to dig through multiple databases and business tools to find the caller’s information.

Automatic authentication of the caller

CTI helps to authenticate the caller by comparing the phone number they called from to information in the company’s database and integrated business tools. This saves a significant amount of time and eliminates one of the biggest pet peeves of customers today – having to repeat their personal information and account information over and over again so the agent can pull up their account.


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