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If you have poor communication within your office or with your clients, you can pretty much count on things going south—fast. Especially if you have employees or clients that you never see face-to-face.

Whether your remote clients and employees are down the street, 3, 000 miles away, or even across the world, these communication tools can keep your relationship afloat.

You may already be using Skype at home to video chat with your grandkids, or maybe even a sibling who lives in another state. But, did you know it can be just as useful for your business?

At Nectafy, we use Skype all day, every day. It’s our main form of communication with one another. For brief conversations, we send text chats back and forth. And when we need to have more in-depth discussions or one-on-one meetings, we use the audio and video chat functions.

online-communication-tools-1-skypeIt’s easy, it works on just about every device, plus, it’s free!

When we need to have a meeting with more than two parties, we depend on Google Hangouts—Google Chat’s multi-user video/audio chat function. Since our Nectafy email accounts are hosted by Gmail, this is the perfect way for us to quickly meet together—”face-to-face.”

There are some other great benefits of Google Chat in general—like group text chatting, and the fact that your chat windows appear right within your email screen.


With Google Docs, you can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations (and more), with the option of sharing any or all of them with your colleagues! And Google Drive acts as free online storage for those files. And if that isn’t already great enough, your Drive can be connected straight to your desktop, so you can access it just like you would any of your other files and folders.

At Nectafy, we use it especially for blog writing and editing with clients.

We’ve actually already raved about Google Docs on the Nectafy blog before. Check out


Ask Lance how much he loves Evernote. (He loves it a lot. You can read the proof in his article.)

Evernote is like an online system that stores anything and everything for you! It could be a piece of copied text, a full webpage, or webpage excerpt, a photo, a voice memo, or a handwritten note… really, anything you want to be able to come back to, Evernote stores for you.

Depending on how organized you are, you can really concentrate on tagging and sorting items so they’re searchable, or it even does a certain degree of that on its own. Whether you’re using it personally or for your business, it’s such a great way to keep your thoughts organized. When you’re doing research for a collaborative project, sharing an Evernote folder with a colleague can come in extremely handy.

Using Evernote To Scan Business Cards online-communication-tools-3-dropbox online-communication-tools-4-basecamp online-communication-tools-4-ring-central

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