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It has been proven time and time again that those with a college education are able to go further in their career, not only in terms of compensation, but when it comes to job positioning as well.The problem with older adults trying to find employment and why further education is needed

For many adults across the United States, finding a lucrative position after being let go from a previous career can be difficult. Many older adults trying to recoup from recessional job loss are finding that they are being passed up for positions, which are instead being filled with younger and more educated people.

While older people may have more hands-on experience than their younger counterparts, prospective employers tend to look at college level education that has been completed by the applicant above all else.

Why go to college?

The average person who has a college education can make on average a million dollars more in their lifetime than a person who doesn’t. More and more people, even after finding a job during the recession, are becoming underemployed. College or trade school graduates have a better chance at finding gainful employment.

I haven’t been in school for years; I don’t think I have what it takes anymore

One of the common issues preventing older adults who contemplate going back to school is a fear that they will not be successful. Many adults may have a limited amount of computer knowledge, which can be intimidating when faced with college classes that depend more and more on computers.

If computer training is required, public classes held at a local library or unemployment offices are very commonplace all over the country. These classes may cost very little or be completely free to the participant. Not only are basic computer learning classes offered, there may be other specialized courses available to teach the student how to operate office productivity software, such as word processing, spreadsheets, financing, as well as database upkeep and creation programs.

Depending on what the student wants to study during their collegiate career, students may have the option of taking computer online courses that they can work on from home. Online college classes can afford the student flexibility if there are hectic personal schedules involved and they cannot feasibly travel to or participate in a regular classroom environment.

Taking online classes can be more difficult for some, while others may find it easier to complete.

How do I apply for college or trade school?

The application process can vary from school to school. The best way to find out how to enroll is to directly contact the admissions department of any prospective school to find out what steps need to be taken.

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Depending on your level, many universities have youtube channels. Personally, I enjoy Berkeley, but I know that there are other ones out there as well.
I don't know what you're studying though, perhaps you should specify what it is you want to learn.

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