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While this resource is provided by a very credible source, its intended audience is not hardcore developers but career journalists and communication professionals. This makes the content great for non-techies and complete beginners but not so much for people passionate to learn more about web design and development.

COURSE TYPE: Tutorial | Beginner | HTML

Web Development for Beginners is a survey of the essential skills necessary for a web developer to be able to execute code efficiently and effectively, even with little to no skill. It not only goes over a history of web development, but also highlights specifically important elements in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

COURSE TYPE: Tutorial | Beginner | HTML, CSS

The HTML and CSS Book is a comprehensive manual to all aspects about CSS3 and HTML5. Similar to any engineering manual, the HTML and CSS Book covers all topics related to web design in an encyclopedic, reference-oriented manner.


"I think understanding the flow of CSS elements is a key breakthrough moment. I think the best way to have this breakthrough is a combination of experimenting and reading tutorials, with more emphasis on experimenting."

This online, text-based resource is easy to follow and is expertly organized into bite-sized sections. The tutorials aim to help learners master HTML5 and have an introductory course on CSS3 on standby for users who want to learn CSS3 fundamentals.

COURSE TYPE: Tutorial | Beginner | HTML, CSS, Javascript

Mark Pilgrim's reference book, Dive Into HTML5, is a guide to the new elements unique to HTML5. The author frequently uses puns and humor to make his point, such as "Let's call it a Draw(ing surface)" on the chapter about the canvas element, and provides a witty overview of all things HTML5.

COURSE TYPE: E-Book | Advanced | HTML, CSS, Javascript

A List Apart is a compilation of articles and blog entries to help developers get an edge when building custom websites from scratch. With over 380 articles and counting, A List Apart combines professional web development writers and columnists with a reference-style article listing in a modern, blog-like atmosphere.

COURSE TYPE: Articles | Intermediate, Advanced | HTML, CSS, Javascript, Design

"I spent a lot of time on sites like A List Apart, Smashing Magazine, and Stack Overflow just absorbing as much information as a I could. Constantly doing tutorials was how I picked up on different skills and techniques."

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns is a book with one central purpose: to enlighten the user on typical and classic methods of organizing JavaScript programming flow to facilitate the functionality of the code. The book is aimed at developers looking to organize and streamline their code development.

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Online Web and Design Courses
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Web Design Reviews
Web Design Reviews
IBDE-Online Web Design
IBDE-Online Web Design


Where can one take an online course in web design?

One can take an online course in web design when one enrolls and registers as a student at the Academy of Design at RCC Institute of Technology. This academy offers online courses in visual design, art direction, and web design, to name a few.

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