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In WebEx Meetings, we have a feature that allows you to video conference that easily mimics the ebb and flow of natural conversation. We call it Active Speaker.

Active Speaker pushes the video image of the person speaking to lead position so you can actually follow the conversation via webcam. This means the person talking is the one you see featured.

This works especially well in theatre mode. In the screen shot below, you can see Wolfe Blizter’s video image is featured above the others because he’s the one talking (this was during a CNN election event earlier in the year). In this case he has four other guests (you can get up to six*) shown in the view. As you talk, the featured adapts and changes to show who is talking (watch this video to learn more).

This is a fun, lively way to host an online discussion – with everyone engaged using their web cams. Now you can let the conversation take the lead – brainstorm, negotiate, laugh.

When you start your meeting, WebEx will automatically detect your camera and turn it on. It is NOT broadcasting. Your webcam will broadcast as soon as you click on the camera icon and it turns green. Before that, your camera is on just so you can see how you will look.

You can use WebEx for more than work! Use it to visit with family, let the kids talk to their friends, get creative!

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