Conference call Microphone

Thanks to a tech boost, videoconferencing is sounding better than ever. Connect one of these high-quality microphones to your computer's USB port and dial up the call using business telephony software. The only sound ringing in your ears will be that of business moving forward.

Conference Microphones

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1. Marshall Electronics MXL Studio 24 USB ($170)
MXL borrows technology from its professional-level USB mics, like the .009, for the more reasonably priced Studio 24. Business users will feel-and hear-the quality of this mic's true 24-bit recording technology and travel-friendly design and construction.

2. Blue Microphones Snowflake ($33)
The budget-friendly Snowflake's elegant, slide-on, foldable design, surprisingly high audio quality and ease of use-it's pretty much a plug-and-play mic-make it the must-use conference call audio upgrade of the moment.

3. Audio-technica ATR2500-USB Cardioid Condenser ($100)
Backed by technology similar to that employed by professional recording artists, the ATR2500 features high-fidelity audio sampling rates and very low noise. The downside here is bulk: Clocking in at the size and weight of an office phone, it's far from portable.

4. Samson Meteor Mic ($110)
With its retro good looks, the chrome-plated Meteor will be the clear winner in the mic wars among design enthusiasts. It features solid audio quality and clever foldable legs that adjust for optimal positioning while recording (and make portability a snap).

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SkunkJuice FG-2 "The Conference Call"
SkunkJuice FG-2 "The Conference Call"
Philips WeCall Bluetooth® conference speaker AECS7
Philips WeCall Bluetooth® conference speaker AECS7000
Olympus Olympus ME33 Table Top Conference Meeting Omni-directional microphone With daisy chain capabilities
PC Accessory (Olympus)
  • Omni-directional microphone designed to record voices from a distance, even in the largest conference rooms
  • Automatically cuts extremely high- and low-frequency sounds producing clear, usable audio files
  • Connect multiple microphones, up to six units for stereo recording and three units for monaural recording
VEC VEC CM-1000 Omni-Directional Stereo Conference Microphone 3.5mm CM1000
PC Accessory (VEC)
  • Excellent audio clarity.
  • Full 360 degree omni-directional
  • Built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction
Jabra Jabra SPEAK 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for Softphone and Mobile Phone
Wireless (Jabra)
  • Easy setup and use
  • Conference calls via Bluetooth and USB connection
  • Works with many types of devices: mobile phones, PCs or tablets
  • Great sound for conference calls or streaming multimedia
  • Convenient carrying case for use while on-the-go
Polycom Inc. Polycom SoundStation2 Expandable Conference Phone (2200-16200-001)
CE (Polycom Inc.)
  • Acoustic clarity full duplex for natural, simultaneous 2-way conversation
  • 3 cardiod microphones with intelligent mic mixing and 10-foot pickup range
  • Adjustable volume with dynamic noise reduction
  • Caller ID, graphical backlit LCD, user selectable ring tones
  • 12-Key telephone keypad with mute, volume up/down keys
Gibson Innovations Philips WeCall Bluetooth Conference Speaker Phone AECS7000/37
CE (Gibson Innovations)
  • Four microphones for perfect voice pick up in 360 degree
  • Advanced noise cancelation for clear sound
  • Advanced echo suppression for smooth conversations
  • Powerful speaker to easily hear voices and play music
  • Easily connect to Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and laptops


What microphone for conference call over PCs? | Yahoo Answers

I suppose you are looking for one of those pricey conference microphones. Theres not much to it besides googling around and doing research to buy one.
Alternatively you could just put everyone over skype and have everyone be wearing headsets.
Another alternative, if you would like to make the content of your presentation more interactive for everyone, is to have everyone connect to something like
It's a free web conferencing software (up to 10 people, per room, which is exactly the situation you are facing at the moment) with free conference call and VOIP - and it has a white board …

Recording Conference Calls with Microphones

When recording conference calls with microphones, the first thing to consider is how many people will be speaking during the call [source: Jake Ludington's MediaBlab].

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