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For those who are new to ITNeed help in your quest to become a Cisco-Certified Network Associate (CCNA)? This 4-hour course will help you acquire the industry-recognized certification through 19 jam-packed tutorials. Learn the fundamentals of networking as well as the concepts and best practices in IP addressing and subnetting, access lists, and network address translation. This popular (30, 000+ enrollees) and highly-rated (4.5 stars out of 5) course has been designed to minimize the well-known and spirit-dampening attrition rate (90%) among CCNA wannabes. It does so by helping students micromanage their study and practice loads on a daily basis, so they won’t get overwhelmed by the enormous volume of subjects they need to learn.

udemy-ccna-ccie-multicast-screenshotTake this course if you’re a network newbie and planning to nab Cisco’s coveted routing and switching certification (CCNA). Consisting of 30 lectures, this comprehensive course runs for more than five hours and covers GNS3, Cisco IOS, address resolution protocol, routing protocols, and frame relays. You’ll also learn about network topology and configuration, access lists, and other subjects that are essential to IT network professionals.optimizing-converged-cisco-networks-screenshot Course instructor Mohammad Imani enjoys an average rating of more than four stars out of five for this course on the Udemy platform.

Network professionals use IP multicast to establish a smart, one-to-many communication infrastructure that will optimize a network’s bandwidth usage. As IP multicast is used in just about any sector — including finance, enterprise, media, and education — learning how to set it up can be a big plus on your resume. This short course helps build your multicast knowledge so that you can correctly answer most questions about it in either the CCIE or the CCNP certification exams. Specifically, you’ll have a minilab involving a small network made up of six routers where you’ll learn how to prevent RPF (reverse path forwarding) failures and other issues. You’ll also learn how to dynamically advertise RP assignments using different methods.

Cisco CCNA Training Learn how to design enterprise-grade LAN, WAN, broadband, and wireless networks.
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