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Why should I choose CanScribe’s Microsoft Access Training?

Microsoft Access is a very commonly used database management system that you can use to store and organize data. The most common uses for Microsoft Access include: as a comprehensive database system for a small business, and as a report generator for corporate purposes. You can gain an advantage over your coworkers by having the skills and working knowledge to utilize Access. CanScribe’s Microsoft Access course will teach you how to perform data entries, build tables, perform queries, and build forms and reports, in order to analyze, manipulate, and report data. CanScribe’s Microsoft training will give you the skills you need to land the job you want or grow within your current organization.

CanScribe gives you the flexibility to increase your knowledge without interfering with your life! Our online courses allow you to learn from home day or night, from almost anywhere. Find out if online delivery is right for you with a distance learning assessment.

What will I learn in the course?

CanScribe’s Microsoft Access 2010 course will guide you through all of the steps to understand and effectively utilize the program. Students will learn how to use Microsoft Access to design data tables, select appropriate data types and relate tables logically. Students will apply intermediate skills to streamline data entry, ensure data integrity, automate tasks, and analyze data. CanScribe students will also use the Expression Builder to create expressions and insert identifiers as property settings, use advanced form controls to locate info and restrict data entry, and will set form properties that respond to events. Upon completion of the course, you will have acquired skills in:

  • Learning to navigate Access 2010
  • Creating a database
  • Building and modifying tables
  • Importing data and working with records
  • Retrieving, sorting, and filtering data and records
  • Working with tables and fields
  • Creating and modifying queries, as well as different types of queries
  • Working with forms and the Form Wizard
  • Creating and designing reports, and working with macros
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What kind of program is Microsoft online access?

There is no program called Microsoft Online Access, but there is a program called Microsoft Access -- it is a database program.

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