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The other day I was at the car dealership looking to trade in my wheels. While I was haggling over the final details with finance manager, he was telling me about the new video conferencing system the dealership just installed the day before - and lets just say, he was not a fan.

Of course I wanted to jump in and tell him about this cool new platform called Glip that would change the world as he knew it... but I held off for the moment, focused on getting the best deal I could on the trade. He says, "Dude, Have you seen the 'Conference Calls in Real Life' thing on YouTube". So, before he signed off on the deal, he made me watch the thing with the other guys in the office. If you haven't seen it, it's well worth the 4:05 minutes of your life. Pure comedy...

10ab5bce44114fbca33518cb728345e1_1Needless to say, this sketch satirizes a legitimate frustration many of us have experienced in our work lives. Time wasted on entering pins, access codes and dealing with bad connections, leaving us with less clarity than before the damn meeting started. So, what are we supposed to do? Well, there is another video that comes to mind.

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It’s Friday afternoon, it was a long week, and the team is finally packing up to leave the building. Then the phone rings…..It’s your client and they want to make a last minute change on a project you already finished!

stock-footage-casual-creative-business-team-brainstorming-for-ideas-in-a-meeting-in-slow-motionThere’s no time to mess around, and the team is looking at you for the next move. Without hesitation, you line up three with a in order to get everyone on board. Luckily there was enough time for a . The clock is ticking, coffee is spilling and there’s ketchup splattered all over the window…. but the team remains poised. After three consecutive, you were able to get it done within the hour. The client loves you, the team loves you, and you begin to fall in love with your own legend.

You may be thinking, "I have no idea what I just read.” That’s okay.

BonVoyage resized 600Welcome to productivity hacking 101. Below we've listed 10 of our favorite savvy hacks pulled straight from the Glip productivity playbook.

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Meetings are the anchor of team collaboration. If they don’t do their job, you’ll just float aimlessly.The perfect meeting begins with participants knowing why they are there and ends with clear objectives for the future.

A key feature that will enhance your meetings is Glip is Interactive Notes.

falling asleep presentationFrom jotting down a quick thought to collaborating on a formal document, Glip Notes is a great tool that will support your meetings from start to finish. Here are 5 reasons Glip notes will save your meeting.

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We were going to write about how cool it is to plan and have meetings with Glip from wherever you are. But showing you how in 15 seconds is so much better...

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We are excited and humbled by teams and whole companies everywhere who are saying goodbye to Skype, Asana, Basecamp, Gmail Hangouts and more, for the only conversation platform designed for creative teams—Glip.

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