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Online Training-shutterstock_135183890One of the great challenges that face any organization that makes use of technology is providing easy to use and useful help about how to use the products the company offers. deals with this challenge every day. In our efforts to continually provide a better research experience for everyone who uses FamilySearch, we are continually adding more useful features, databases and upgrades. One of the big challenges we face is keeping our training up to date.

One solution that FamilySearch has chosen to use to address this problem is to add online training that can be updated quickly and easily. This means that we no longer create large expensive paper manuals and instruction booklets, which quickly become outdated with each new improvement.

Some of our most useful and popular training has been put online for you to use quickly and easily. Links to this training are found below. If you click on any of the training items and they don’t appear, check to make sure that your popup blocker isn’t the reason. If it is, go into popup options and allow FamilySearch popups to appear.

  • The FamilySearch Family Tree Curriculum link will take you to a whole selection of training content. It provides training on how to use a computer mouse, basic beginner training, intermediate training, advanced training and the option to view training in Spanish.
  • The Family Tree Reference Manual is a 204 page PDF file that provides extensive in-depth coverage on all features of the Family Tree. Please note that about 5% of this manual is already out of date. Within the next several months this manual will be redesigned and posted in smaller sections that will allow for faster and easier updates.
  • The FamilySearch Learning Center is a library of several hundred classes and video presentations that teach you how to use various FamilySearch features as well as how to do research on a wide variety of genealogical topics.
  • The FamilySearch Research Wiki is a collection of over 76, 000 research article covering some area of genealogy and family history research. These articles are written and updated by experts from around the world.

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What is the uniqueness about computer online training?

a net connector is a young person like you who wants to teach a parent grandparent or other family member how to use the internet

Where can I get free computer repair training online

ProProfs, Professor Messer, Be Your Own IT, Fixing My Computer, & Brain Box Computers all offer free computer repair training.

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