Web conferencing for small Companies

bigstock-feet-resting-on-a-tree-trunk-d-71582257Small businesses are branching out. According to research from Software Advice, an online resource for VoIP and telecom software buyers, small businesses have recently begun this shift towards web conferencing. Not only can small businesses utilize conferencing solutions to enhance internal communications, it is also useful for managing client communications. And with powerful and collaborative conferencing tools available for brainstorming, managing projects and setting up shop just about anywhere, the office environment isn't as rigid as it used to be.

Software Advice surveyed 389 employees who use web conferencing and conference calls at work about their conferencing preferences and then they turned to telecommunications experts to help interpret findings. From these findings we have come up with the top three signs your small business should start investing in conferencing tools to stay ahead of the competition.

1. You have remote employees, or more than 1 office.

As telecommuting becomes more popular, web conferencing tools are becoming crucial to maintain collaboration and workforce efficiency for remote and internal workers.Frequency-of-Conferencing-Tech-at-Work With conferencing tools, telecommuters and remote employees are now able to stay on track and can add insights into day-to-day operations and new policies more than ever before with online meetings! According to Software Advice, 1 in 4 employees are already using web or audio conferencing at work, this number will increase as more companies adopt this technology.

1 in 4 Employees Uses Web or Audio Conferencing at Work

Nearly one-fourth (24 percent) of the sample, combined, worked in jobs that involve some use of conferencing: 15 percent said they “occasionally” use it, while only 9 percent of the sample reported “frequently” using conferencing technology at work.

2. You have weekly meetings.

Generally, all businesses have some form of weekly meetings... sales meetings, operations meeting, employee/manager check-points. The reality is key players for each meetings may not always be in the office. They could be traveling or home sick. Having an online conferencing tool available for employees to utilize will ensure that while they are not in the office, they will not miss important meetings!

Preference-of-Video-or-Audio-Conference-CallsEmployees Evenly Split in Conferencing Preferences

When employees were asked whether they preferred web conferencing or audio conference calls, it was found that allegiances to the two methods were about equal, according to Software Advice.

These percentages are too close to generalize as to which method of conferencing is ultimately more popular. This finding strongly suggests that these employees favor different conferencing methods for different purposes, since they don’t have a preferred solution that serves as their first recourse in every context.

3. Your business has a training or on-boarding program.

Well-trained employees are essential to the success of your business. Unfortunately, a business’ training budget is often not a priority. Web conferencing software is an essential tool that allows you to have meetings and training sessions with members of your team or clients who are located across the country or even on another continent at any time without spending a lot of money. In the digital age, it’s not necessary to work only with employees who are local, and the same rule applies with clients. With this becoming the growing trend, great communication tools are essential.

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Is there a free web conferencing service for small businesses?

Vyew, Yugma, and DimDim are three companies that offer free web conferencing for small businesses. Others offer it free for a thirty day trial period and then require a monthly fee.

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