Web conferencing services Rankings

racriteriaThe companies listed in their results are variously referred to as "the best web conferencing agencies, " "the best performing web conferencing agencies, " and "the 10 top web conferencing consultants."

We know these are up to date and trustworthy because the release tells us that "the rankings are updated monthly based on the meticulous evaluation process, client references, and industry research and analysis."

In addition to this fine piece of up-to-date analysis work, we can also take heart in the Evaluation criteria posted on the rankings page:

You will note that although the press release indicates a concentration on the companies and their services (including "web conferencing consultants" - huh?) the criteria are all about product specifics. And in the case of a multi-product company like InterCall, we can't even know what product was evaluated!

But that's okay… If you are unsure of the expertise devoted to careful analysis of web conferencing companies by reviewauthority.com, you can always look at their rankings for one of the other lists they simultaneously published in press releases today. Your choices include:

  • Online Banking Services
  • Elliptical Providers
  • Washing Machine Providers
  • Toaster Companies
  • AC Unit Consultants
  • Coffee Maker Providers
  • Online Payment Processing Firms
  • Treadmill Providers
  • Gas Mower Consultants
  • Electric Mower Manufacturers
  • Sports Ticket Consultants
  • Online Stock Brokerage Companies
  • Conference Calling Services
  • Apartment Location Services
  • Online Movie Streaming Consultants
  • Life Insurance Consultants
  • Automobile Insurance Firms
  • Online Real Estate Companies
  • Voice Over IP Companies
  • Recruitment Agencies
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