Free online educational Videos

As someone who personally invests time learning via online video, here are 3 options which haven't been mentioned as well as re-emphasizing 6 which have.

  1. Wonder How To has a really cool looking interface & a wide variety of topics
  2. Teacher Tube might also be helpful
  3. I would also check out Thinkfinity and their content partners [each of which focuses on a particular content area-art, science, etc..] More specifically, its search engine allows you to specify what type of content you are looking for.
  4. TED Talks
  5. Pombrain, Khan Academy, Explania, Brightstorm & Podcasts on iTunes are also intriguing options mentioned by , , , and

Finally, I don't know mus about the Homeschooling space, but I imagine there are several resources which will target your kids interests.

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Where online is there education videos on Africa?

National Geographic's website has several education videos about Africa. Other organizations, such as EdTube and Our Africa also have education video content on their websites.

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