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Online meetings are typically underutilized

While meeting someone face-to-face is often important for business success in specific situations, there are many more circumstances where an online meeting will be more beneficial to all parties involved. They save time, money and resources and even offer some benefits that are not readily available when meeting in person.

Online meeting facilities are typically underutilized. They are only considered when contacting an overseas client or remote-working colleague, yet there are many more instances when online meetings may be the perfect solution. Here are some ways businesses can maximize the use of these tools.

1. Collaborate with colleagues

E-meetings aren’t just for remote-working colleagues or communicating between different branches of international company. It can also be used to share some quick information with Suzie in Marketing.

Think about how much time is spent in companies just arranging meetings. From scheduling a meeting room to getting refreshments to waiting on that person who is perpetually late, you lose a lot of time that could have been better spent. Online meetings eliminate many of those pesky distractions and time-consuming activities. A few clicks and you’re in. Everyone is in their comfort zone (at their respective offices) and the focus is on the matter-at-hand.

2. Fix your computer remotely

Another issue that sucks up time is getting your computer fixed. In large organizations, you probably have to fill out a report and wait for a technician from IT to get to your computer. Small organizations, which don’t typically have an in-house technician, have it much worse – they have to wait for someone to visit the office, which can take anywhere from hours to days.

online meetingsThis could easily be replaced by online meeting software which allow remote control of your desktop. Hop on a meeting with your IT specialist, give them control then allow them to work their magic.

3. Connect with clients

Outside of the crucial first meeting, or meetings to discuss extremely important or sensitive matters with clients or partners, online meetings are often the best bet. They are more personal than a phone call and less time-consuming than meeting in-person.

Chances are your clients will be even more grateful for this than you are. Wherever meetings are usually held, someone has to travel (and lose time in the process), someone has to prepare a room or someone has to foot the bill for out-of-office arrangements. This eases the pressure off the company credit card.

4. Provide online support

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Providing face-to-face online support is especially useful for businesses that don’t have a retail outlet or physical location for customers to visit and share their frustrations. If you have a small number of clients or high volume customers, this is a great way to amp up customer service an extra notch for those special buyers.

Online meetings allow them to connect with a real person, not just a robotic voice over the phone. The ability to see a face and watch gestures can go a long way when in-person meetings aren’t an option.

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