Free online Certification courses

Sign up for our online courses in C and C++ programming and get prepared for the CPA and CLA certification exams delivered at Pearson VUE Test Centers.

Get maximum satisfaction from studying with us, boost your programming skills, and take your professional career to the next level!

We know well that doing an online course with no supervision requires a lot of self-discipline, consistency and motivation. That’s why we have prepared for you a powerful motivational tool combined with high-quality and easy-to-follow study materials that will equip you with fundamental knowledge required to pass certification exams and gain recognition for programming expertise!

Sign up for our CLA, CPA and CPP courses now and take advantage of a number of benefits and conveniences we have prepared for you:

  • Use our great online education platform and learn the C and C++ programming languages absolutely for free!
  • Do our online courses and get prepared for the CLA, CPA and CPP exams at Pearson VUE.
  • Complete the course in the self-study (self-enroll) mode and get a 50% discount voucher on the CLA, CPA and CPP exam to be taken at one of 5, 200 Pearson VUE Test Centers around the world!
  • Make use of our e-learning system and great motivational tools that will not only enrich your learning experience, but will also keep you engaged in studying.
  • Take assignments and raise your level of self-confidence and proficiency in programming.
  • Take advantage of special offers, participate in contests and become a part of our C/C++ community.
  • Share your successes and accomplishments on Facebook. Get valuable feedback from others!
  • Last but not least – get a free second shot voucher to take the certification exam again if you need it!

Your goal is our goal! We want to help you as much as we can in your succeeding in the exam at a Pearson VUE Test Center. We want to make sure that you are motivated enough and that your progress is being recognized. We want your learning to be as enjoyable and as rewarding as possible!

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Free Online Certification or Degrees? | Yahoo Answers

There's edX, which is offering free certification at the moment (very likely to start charging within the next year) and is run by MIT, Harvard, and Berkeley. But there's no indication that schools are accepting those classes in transfer, and all other online schools are businesses and actually charge more than 'real' schools.

Free online courses certificate?

They have all the microsoft programs and a math course that all offer free certificates.

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