Excel classes online Tutorials

Create world-class Excel dashboards using powerful features like Excel tables, advanced formulas, interactive charts, sparklines, slicers & conditional formatting. Join our famous Excel School dashboards program and become awesome today..

VBA Classes

Ever Green

Explore the world of VBA, macros & automation. See how much more you can achieve by customizing Excel & creating your own applications. Automate boring, repetitive work to save time & $$$s. You will learn right from basics of programming to advanced VBA. Topics include – loops & conditional statements, using various Excel objects, establishing connections to databases & flat files, creating user forms, automating charts, presentations & reports, adding animations etc.

Power Pivot School

Jump in to power pivot, analyze data & extract insights like a pro by going thru this program. Aimed at Excel analysts & reporting professionals, this course helps you unleash power of PowerPivot to do awesome things. You will learn how to set up PowerPivot tables, write DAX measures, using features like conditional formatting, KPIs with PowerPivot & how to create powerful, insightful dashboards using PowerPivot.

Financial Modeling Classes

Learn how to create a completely integrated valuation model using Excel. Analyze financial data like a pro & impress your colleagues. You will learn basics of finance, best-practice modeling, valuation & analysis techniques, Excel financial formulas, how to visualize financial analysis (waterfall charts, football field analysis etc.) and more.

Finance for non-finance people

Learn about financial basics, financial analysis thru Excel in our finance for non-finance people course. Designed by partners at Pristine education, this course helps you gain insights to finance world quickly.

PASS Business Analytics Conference 2015

PASS Business Analytics Conference 2015

I am super excited to visit Australia in 2015 to conduct Advanced Excel, Dashboards & Power Pivot masterclasses in partnership with Plum Solutions.

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Where can a person find an Excel formula tutorial online?

A person can find an Excel formula tutorial online at several websites that contains spreadsheets with formulas. Microsoft Excel maintains many tutorials online with these formulas for a small fee.

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