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When the first version of Microsoft Word was released in the 1980s, the only training available was a manual as thick as a bodybuilder's arm, written in impossible-to-decipher tech-speak, and possibly a Word Help function that worked occasionally. Fast-forward 30 or so years and a quick search on Google reveals literally hundreds of thousands of results for Microsoft Word training. Everything from offers to become a Microsoft Word Expert in just 24 hours to in-depth Microsoft Word Classes that need to be attended for a year are on offer.

Whether you are starting out on the road to becoming a Microsoft Word Expert or whether you are completely new to the program, you will agree that the sheer number of training options that are available can be overwhelming. Where do you start? How do you know what kind of training is right for you? Should you opt for classroom training or online training?

Before handing over any of your hard-earned dollars, it is essential that you understand your own preferred learning style and speed, and ultimately what your goal for learning Microsoft Word is. Are you a fast-learner who quickly picks up computer programs, or do you need a little bit of extra TLC when it comes to mastering software? Do you learn best by hearing, seeing or performing an action? Why do you wish to learn about MS Word: do you need to learn to perform specific tasks in Word for your work, do you want to improve your computer skills to improve job prospects, or is it that you are aiming to become a Word Expert and teach others?

Which training option do you prefer? Many people prefer to sit in a classroom setting where there is an instructor present who takes them through each function in Word step-by-step. For others, it may be that buying one of the multiple training manuals available in print will do the trick. Online training in the form of Word Tutorials and Tests, training videos and interactive online training classes, is a perfect fit.

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I'm taking an online class this summer and need to have microsoft word. What year should I get? | Yahoo Answers

I would use Open Office, it's free and very simple to use, and can read Word documents.
the address is

Where can someone find a copy of Microsoft Word to download online

Microsoft Word can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website. However, it is not free open source software and can be purchased as a single program for $110 or in a suite of Microsoft Office programs for $140 to $400 depending on the suite.

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