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top eLearning content development companies 2014The Top 10 eLearning content development companies for 2014 were selected based on the following 7 criteria:

  1. eLearning Content Development Quality
  2. eLearning Expertise
  3. eLearning Industry Innovation
  4. eLearning Company’s Economical Growth Potential
  5. Customer Retention
  6. Employee Turnover
  7. Company’s Social Responsibility

Nonetheless, it is important to highlight that you need to make further your own research in order to choose the company that will better serve your needs and preferences. Hence, I suggest you to visit and review the official sites of each eLearning content development company to get the full picture of the Top 10 eLearning Content Development Companies’ services.

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1. SweetRush

SweetRush is about 100 people strong, been in business since 2001, and, similar to most companies in the industry, is comprised of instructional designers (of various flavors), creative multimedia developers, project and program managers, solution architects, and engineers. However, beyond the similarities, we like to promote that we are different, as we say, in a good way.

We have a unique culture that is validated by our near-zero turnover. Our institutionalized culture is based on the concept of caring: caring about each other, our clients, and the planet. Keeping the same crew means that each of our divisions are headed up and populated by accomplished and synchronized veterans - committed, talented, and team-oriented people.

We have excellent sustained working relationships with a very significant roster of Fortune 500 clients. We excel at innovative blended solutions, handle multi-million dollar projects from analysis to delivery, and are leaders in leveraging technology, such as mobile and gamification.

We’ve committed to custom technology development from inception and have a particularly strong engineering team. Our creative team is simply the best, and we win many projects based upon our focus on project management. Our IDs are obsessively learner-centric and focused on analysis and our clients’ business drivers.

When we compete in RFP competitions, up against the biggest branded players in the industry, when clients meet us and see our work, feel our attitude and see our solutions to their challenges, we generally win, because we are… “different, in a good way.”


City & Guilds Kineo helps the world's leading businesses improve performance through learning and technology.

We provide full learning solutions for key areas including compliance, onboarding, leadership and management, and sales and channel partners.

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