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moveIn Adobe Connect 9.5, Meeting Hosts now have the ability to move normal Adobe Connect Meetings into their own User Seminars folder if they are part of a Named Webinar Manager group.

Previously, with the 9.4 release, we added new Seminar licensing called ‘Named Webiner Managers’. This essentially gives users in that new group, the ability to create and manage their own Seminar rooms (under their User Seminars folder). In Adobe Connect 9.5, if you are a Named Webinar Manager and you are in the Meeting Hosts group and want to move one or more of your Meetings from your My Meetings folder (User Meetings > {username}) or the Shared Meetings folder to your individual User Seminars folder, you can now do this in the UI.

Adobe connect addin compatibility mode

Problem: What is the difference between a Named and a Concurrent pricing model?

Environment: Hosted/Licensed

In order to understand the difference we present you with two different accounts having Named and Concurrent pricing models.

Named Host Pricing Model

As an example, I would take up the example of my local account. Below is the license information of my account.

We read the following information for a Named Host license. In Named Host Pricing Model, you need to check two values.

  • Meeting Hosts
  • Concurrent Users Per Meeting

Named Host Pricing Model
Meeting Hosts: 5 / 5 (Consider this value as Mx)
Meeting Peak Concurrent Users: Unlimited (Soft Limit: Unlimited)
Concurrent Users Per Meeting: 100 (Soft Limit: 100) (Consider this value as Mn)

IE_9-Options SSL-Img Small Res - High DPI Small Res - High DPI Windows Dialog

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