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Screenshot of Fuze Meeting in actionFuze Meeting offers the host two basic options: He can either import documents into the virtual room and then present them to attendees, or he can present them directly from his desktop. The screen sharing mode makes it possible to switch control of keyboard and mouse to participants, thus enabling them to work on the same document together. In addition, the host can decide wether to share his entire desktop or selected applications with his attendees.

Setting up a web conference with Fuze Meeting happens through the solution's web portal or via Outlook after installing a plugin. Unfortunately the host currently cannot distribute documents to participants through the online meeting console. Conducting polls is also not possible.

Beyond sharing documents, the host and attendees can communicate via video conference. The size of the videos can be adjusted in the online meeting console.

Bottom line: Fuze Meeting is a useful software for online presentations as well as for virtual collaboration.

Platform Support

Flash Player application runs on Windows XP or later and on Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Screen sharing is compatible with Windows and Mac Intel only. Browsers supported are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera


FUZE Pro: $8 per month for meetings and webinars for up to 125 participants and unlimited free toll-audio

FUZE Enterprise: $20 per month for FUZE PRO plus custom audio packages, high capacity meetings, host delegation and hostless meetings, corporate directory integration, enterprise authentication, management and analytics console, and custom branding

License options

Single user license for an unlimited number of web meetings. The maximum possible number of attendees depends on the license.

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