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You can easily schedule a meeting at any time, either by logging in to your account online or by using the GoToMeeting desktop app!

Note: If you have opted in to the Public Meeting Spaces beta, then your process will vary from the one shown below. Please see Public Meeting Spaces (Beta) for more information.

Meeting types

GoToMeeting provides 2 different types of sessions, which allows you to pick whichever one best suits your needs.

  • One-time meetings
    These meetings have a set date and time, as well as a unique meeting ID and audio information. The meeting ID will expire 30 days after the scheduled end time. To create this type of session, you can select "Occurs once" while scheduling your meeting.
  • Recurring meetings
    These meetings also have a unique meeting ID and audio information, but because they do not have a set date or time they never expire and can be used over and over. To create this type of session, you can select "Occurs multiple times" while scheduling your meeting.

When you schedule a meeting (either from the desktop app or by logging in to your account online), you can select which type of meeting you prefer. Also see Scheduling FAQs for more information.

Schedule a meeting from the web

  1. On the My Meetings page, click Schedule.
  2. Use the pop-up window to specify the details of your new meeting, as follows:
    • Meeting name – Enter a title for the meeting.
    • Recurrence – Select which you want to schedule using the drop-down menu.
    • Date/Time – Select the date and time of the meeting (these options will not be available if you selected "Occurs multiple times").
    • Audio tab – Select the audio options that should be available to attendees. To add more international long-distance (toll) and/or toll-free numbers, click Edit countries to choose more countries.
    • Co-organizers tab – If desired, enter the name or email address of attendees whom you would like to become co-organizers of the meeting.
    • Password tab – If desired, enable the "Require meeting password" check box and enter a password. Attendees must enter the password in order to join the meeting.
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Go to Meeting Citrix
Go to Meeting Citrix


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