Create a new recurring meeting series

Schedule a meeting using the plugin and click Recurrence.

Add to a newly created recurring meeting series

  1. Create a new meeting.
  2. Click Add
  3. Click Recurrence.

Add to an existing recurring meeting series

  1. Open the recurring meeting as a series.
    Important! Do not open the meeting as an occurrence. You must open as a series to add
  2. Click Add as shown above in the sample for a newly created series, but without the third step.
    If prompted to reset exceptions, click OK. Each occurrence inherits series settings. Any settings unique to specific occurrences will be lost.

Add recurrence to an existing meeting

  1. Open a scheduled meeting that is not in the past and has at least one participant.
  2. Send the update.

Starting a recurring meeting

  • The my meetings tab on the website lists only the next upcoming or actual running meeting in a series

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