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Today's mobile workforce creates new challenges for employee learning and performance measurement. It also creates new opportunities. The classroom or specific training event is no longer the epicenter of learning, but just one part of a continuous learning journey. Mobile devices provide a unique opportunity to deliver training and measure its effectiveness anywhere and anytime, with a targeted focus on what’s best for the end-user.

Mobile users also expect experiences that are impactful, engaging and entertaining — apps that fail to deliver in these areas will not gain long-term adoption. Even pre-established or mandatory training programs are still challenged to increase participation and keep users engaged to the level that will ultimately increase employee effectiveness.

Simple, Personalized, Proactive — When, Where and Before You Need It

Velocity is a proven SaaS-based mobile solution designed to deliver, enhance and analyze employee learning and performance. Since it’s mobile and web-based, you can reach and effectively engage and train your employees wherever they are — from large live training events to on-site workshops, whether you need “just-in-time” training or in-field certification. Designed with an intuitive and personalized user experience, it helps drive effective, continuous engagement and learning.

The flexible, centralized content management system allows you to easily tailor, update and adapt content to each unique learning experience and business objective. The modular platform helps you generate, brand, and manage customized, tablet-based training, all without an advanced tech degree. It's easy. With Velocity, you’ll have quizzes, presentations, assessments, surveys, certifications, videos, games, HTML5 modules, sales aides and other interactive mobile learning tools.

A Culture of Continuous Mobile Learning

Velocity 5.0 streamlines all learning experiences from all sources by providing one centralized access point for users. Training is no longer bound to a meeting or phase of learning, but can be delivered in a mobile moment. It makes just-in-time learning a reality and is supported through numerous interactive user engagement activities, including peer collaboration, gamification and team competitions.

The platform incorporates user analytics and personalized, relevant messaging, using Mobiquity’s analytics solution, to encourage and inspire users to complete key activities towards meeting their overall learning objectives. The “distraction factor” in workforces is at an all time high and often disrupts the continuum of learning for employees. This revolution in learning keeps participants on track and focused on achieving mastery in target skill areas. Once users are registered, they receive personalized, adaptive interventions tailored to their unique learning journey to keep them engaged and on task.

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