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Refereees Corner

Soccer Referees Needed!

Referee Training

Saturday, August 8 at 2 PM at Mountain Meadow

Sign up online at www.eayso.org

Click Lookup - Courses - AZ - Lakeside - Search for Course

Please complete the online portion of the course at before August 8 and bring your certificate showing completion.

You must be a minimum of 10 years old to be a referee in our region.

Referee Age Requirements

Minimum 10 years old to referee U08

Minimum 12 years old to be a Regional Referee or Assistant Referee

Minimum 14 years old to be an Intermediate Referee

Minimum 16 years old to be an Advanced Referee

Minimum 18 years old to be a National Referee

All referees are required to complete AYSO's Safe Haven Certification course and the CDC Concussion Course. Both may be found online at AYSO's Online Training Center. The Safe Haven course must have been completed in 2012 or later

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What was training like at the army?

Viet War, US Army:
1. Physical Training-called PT
2. Meals 3 times daily
3. Class room study: 1st Aid, Land Navigation (Map reading skills, compass reading skills), machinegun and M-14 rifle breakdown and operations, land mine identification, trip flare and light illumination flare usage, chemical warfare orientations, nuclear war orientations (blast, heat, radiation) and treatment for radiation poisoning, canteen drinking water purification procedures.
4. M-14 rifle range
5. Hand grenade range
6. Marching
7. Crawling under barbed wire with live M-60 machinegun fire above trainees as t…

How many Hours of online training does it take for an Army promotion point? | Yahoo Answers

man I took those classes Im not sure what the max is but I thought 150 but I could be wrong. Make sure you get copies cause you know how the army is with paper work. I also heard they used to let the FEMA courses count as well those are easier and more interesting

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