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About The Online Courses

Welcome to the Youth Soccer Online Training Platform! This tool has been developed to create a virtual, online classroom where you can learn to coach youth soccer.

In this Training Platform you will find the following Coaching Courses:

  • Online G Course: It is a course designed to assist the coach to become a better “Activity Leader, ” specifically when working with children from 5 to 8 years old. Also included is a nutritional module to help your players develop healthy nutrition and hydration habits in order to perform at their maximum potential. The Course cost is $40.00
  • Nutrition - Coaching Healthy Habits: This NEW MODULE is for all G license, Pre F and Pre E coaches. You must take this module before the date of your course unless you already took it as part of the Online G Course. This module will serve as a guide to establish healthier nutrition and hydration habits for your athletes. In this module you will learn about the best ways to have your players perform at their maximum potential by promoting healthy snacks and drinks for pre-game, half time and after the game. The module is Free
  • The F Course: The New F License is a 2 hour course, conducte, entirely online, intended for all parents and coaches of youth players. The focus of this grassroots course is to share US Soccer best practices in creating a fun, activity centered and age appropriate enviroment for 5-8 years old players. To sign up in this course please click In this module you will find a description of all the assignments, as well as the documents and links to complete the assignments as required by US Soccer. Coaches taking the E License must complete them by the first day of the E License Course you are attending. Coaches taking this course also to complete the Nutrition module. These modules are Free.

If you need assistance or you have any questions about the coaching courses, please click on Technical Support or email Loy Urbina at

The CORI Background Check Tutorial: It has been created to assist you in the steps that you must follow as a CORI Submitter for Massachusetts Youth Soccer. The tutorial is Free.

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