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width="200"The United Nations Development Programme offers specialised procurement training and certification to staff from the UN system, non-governmental organisations, international development financing institutions and their borrowers, and governments.

UNDP procurement certification courses are accredited by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) assuring compliance with high international qualification standards as well as offering participants access to a world-wide community of procurement professionals.

All UNDP/CIPS procurement certification course content at Introductory (Level 2), Advanced (Level 3), and Diploma (Level 4) levels is tailored to reflect common United Nations and public procurement rules, policies and procedures – hereby offering a unique qualification system customized to UN and public procurement requirements.

UNDP/CIPS Partnership Recognized as World Leader in Training and Professional Development

width="200"UNDP and CIPS has been awarded the prestigious European Supply Chain Excellence Award 2012/2013 in recognition of the joint Procurement Training and Certification Programme and its success in professionalizing the UN and public procurement sector. Winning the Award is a ground –breaking accomplishment and it identifies the UNDP/CIPS Partnership as the standard bearer for procurement training and professional development in the humanitarian sector.

UNDP offers the following procurement training and professionalization courses on a regular basis:

The courses are offered on a recurring basis at the following locations: Bangkok, New Delhi, Dubai, Nairobi, Abuja, Rome, Vienna, Copenhagen, New York, Washington DC, and Panama (delivered in Spanish).

All training courses can be delivered at your preferred location and time on cost recovery basis. This is often the most cost-efficient way to train a larger group of staff/counterparts. Tailor-made courses can contain modules from any of our standard courses and/or feature completely new developed modules addressing specific requirements, challenges and opportunities facing your organization. Please contact procurement.training@undp.org for specific options.

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