Digital video Training

Digital video training


The Digital Video Certificate Program at the Austin School of Film provides an affordable series of classes in video production and post-production that prepare students to work in the industry. Training classes in HD Camera, Lighting, Sound, Production Management, editing on industry standard software platforms and much more. Students in the certificate program are eligible for placement in internships with Central Texas companies, organzations and productions.

Our classes run year round and are paid for individually upon registration.

The program can be completed in under 2 years, for a fraction of the cost of similar training from the Art Institute. If filmmaking is your passion, the Digital Video Certificate Program is the fastest way to get your foot in the door.

Our computer lab is open to all Digital Video Certificate students at any time. All computers feature the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut Pro. Students have access to our artist/student workspaces and supplies.


  • Complete a series of courses to develop a filmmaking knowledge base
  • Develop technical skills in production and post-production
  • Address all phases of production, from inception through product distribution
  • Learn skills that meet industry standards
  • Get real-world experience and apply acquired knowledge
  • Build a portfolio to get work on set
  • Benefit from ASoF's unique learning environment and affordable classes


The Austin School of Film's Digital Video Certificate Program (DVCP) will give you the technical base you need to prepare for work at a television station, independent production company, commercial post-production house, or to develop your reel. Though the focus of the program is on acquisition of technical skills such as sound, camera, lighting, and editing, students have the flexibility to choose electives that either add a creative side to the program, or augment their technical skill set. Electives include classes in screenwriting, directing, experimental filmmaking, After Effects, and more.

Classes are taught by Austin-based professionals at our the centrally-located facility. We are a community-focused arts and technology school that offers affordable accessible classes film, animation and digital media arts in an intimate setting. The Digital Certificate Program caters to individual students, small classes, and affordable training.


How long does it take to get a certificate?

Training usually takes 9 to 12 months depending on scheduling and certificate. Students have up to three calendar years to complete DVCP.

What are the training costs?

Certificates generally range from $3000 - $4500. This range is depends on what elective you choose. Electives range from $50-1, 000. Students may also opt to train in Adobe Premiere CS6 or Final Cut Pro X - this also contributes to the overall cost of the program.

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