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You've come to the right place to begin to get to know Office 365 Video! Read this article for an introduction, and then see the following additional articles for details:

What is Office 365 Video?

Office 365 Video is an intranet website portal where people in your organization can post and view videos. It's a streaming video service for your organization that's available with SharePoint Online in Office 365. It's a great place to share videos of executive communications or recordings of classes, meetings, presentations, or training sessions, for example. Office 365 Video displays a thumbnail image of each video on the site. You just select a thumbnail to view a particular video.

Office 365 Video with several videos uploaded

Uploading videos

To upload a video, you upload it to a specific channel. You can upload multiple videos to a channel at the same time. Anyone in your organization who has edit permission for a particular channel can upload videos to it. For example, Office 365 Video comes with one preconfigured channel, which is named Community. By default, everyone has edit and view permission for the Community channel, so anyone can upload and view videos in it. For more information, see Uploading videos and Changing channel permissions in Create and manage a channel in Office 365 Video.

Watching a video

You can watch videos from where they are featured on the Office 365 Video home page, and from specific channels. When you select a video thumbnail, the video plays right in your browser window. You'll need to meet the following requirements to view a video in your browser.

Note You may need to install Adobe Flash to play videos on some browser/device combinations. You can install Adobe Flash here.




Playback Supported

IE 11

Windows 8.1


Windows 7

Adobe Flash

IE 9 - 10


Chrome 37+



Safari 8

OSX Yosemite


Below OSX Yosemite


Windows Phone 8.1


Android 4.4.4

iOS 6

Native HTML5

Using channels

People in your organization who are channel admins for Office 365 Video can create channels to organize videos. You can have channels for particular subjects, for example, or for specific groups such as departments or teams. For information about who can create channels, see Changing admin permissions for your Office 365 Video portal in Manage your Office 365 Video portal.

People who have edit permission for a channel control who can view the channel and the videos that are in it. So when you go to Office 365 Video, you see only the channels that you have permission to view. For information about who can edit and view channels, see Changing channel permissions in Create and manage a channel in Office 365 Video.

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