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Introduction to TREAT

This is a basic guide through the capabilities of the software for those who have little to no background using the TREAT software. (about 46 min)

Model Inspector

This module includes reviewing your own TREAT models for accuracy, how to catch common input errors, and check the validity of assumptions within the model. (about 6 min)

How to Perform Basic Billing Analysis using TREAT

Utilizing TREAT to compare your model to actual bills is a fairly simple process. The following three videos will walk you through the steps.

Entering Bills

This is step one of three of performing billing analysis, and guides you through the process of entering utility bill information into TREAT Software. (about 7 min)

Running the Analysis

This is step two of three of performing billing analysis, and guides you through the process of running the billing analysis. (about 10 min)

True Up

This is step three of three of performing billing analysis, and guides you through the process of truing up a TREAT model to actual billing data. (about 12 min)


This goes over setting and editing preferences in your TREAT model. (about 6 min)

Editable Libraries

This tutorial covers storing and updating editable libraries. (about 5 min)

Weather Sites

The difference between long-term vs. daily weather sites, and how TREAT can be customized to handle these weather sites. (about 6.5 min)

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