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01-chat-overviewWhen we decided to redesign eXo Chat from scratch, we wanted to make it collaborative, just like we did with our social intranet. An enterprise social network is a nice tool for bringing interactions and socialization into your company’s intranet, but without collaborative tools at its core, will you be more efficient?

We think social networking and collaboration need to work together, providing new ways to interact. eXo Platform is all about that combination; it’s easy to use and intuitive but still very powerful.

eXo Chat is a new tool to bring real-time collaboration into your social network.

Today, we’re very happy to introduce some great new features in eXo Chat. We think that collaboration from within Chat will change how people interact and work together.

02-document-sharingSo, let’s take a look at these new features.

Here is a list of what’s available today:

  • Video conference with team meeting sessions.
  • Add events, assign tasks, upload files, and share links or questions from within eXo Chat.
  • Take advantage of dynamic ordering for people, teams, and spaces, which makes the tool more intuitive.
  • Report meeting notes in the wiki.

If you don’t have ten minutes to spend reading this blog post or view the three-minute video presentation, just take a look at this screenshot :

The idea of a chat, using any chat app out there, is real-time collaboration and discussion in a natural way. Adding web chat capabilities to your intranet won’t be any different than using Skype if the tools aren’t fully integrated.

Every enterprise social network product comes with a chat feature because it’s a “must have, ” but everybody continues to use Skype. Why? Because Skype has the same features as the network tool, if not more, and they’re presented in a more user-friendly, intuitive way.

At eXo, we think collaboration in the chat may be a key element when it comes to get the work done, the same way the social feed can combine with a collaboration feed,

03-wiki-summary 04-wiki-minutes

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What video conferencing applications allow the host to play audio (e.g. MP3) as well as speak through the computer mic?

AFAIK none of these collaboration softwares allow for dual audio input. But this is something you can do by mixing the two streams on your end before feeding it into the audio-in for the collaboration software. Off the top of my head, I would assume this cannot be a passive device since you need to mix the two streams, so I would think it would be a USB-based connector you can buy that will take two audio input streams and feed it into your audio-in. Now what you can do is to take your audio out that has the MP3 audio and feed that into one of the inputs here, and the mic would go into…

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