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Zoom Video Communications Inc. Chief Executive Eric Yuan Zoom Video Communications Inc.

Add to the mix Zoom Video Communications Inc., which has raised another $30 million to combine Web conferencing and video conferencing into what its investors say is one of the fastest-growing business software companies yet.

“We were concerned that we would not find anyone who’d be able to break out without raising hundreds of millions of dollars…and as we started getting access [to Zoom] we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, ” said Emergence Capital Partner Santi Subotovsky, whose firm is leading the new round. “With Yammer and Evernote and HootSuite, it took them seven months to get from a million to two million users, and it took Zoom five months to achieve that milestone.”

Also, he said, Zoom is profitable, something that Chief Executive Eric Yuan has insisted on, and “the company didn’t need the amount of money it currently has to get to an IPO. Think about it–how many companies grow 20% month over month and remain profitable?” Mr. Subotovsky said.

Cisco was too big to allow him to tackle a project of the size and complexity that he imagined, so he left. “You can’t just rewire WebEx, ” Mr. Yuan said.

Building Zoom’s software took about two years. The company shipped its first product in the summer of 2013 and since then has grown rapidly, with 65, 000 businesses using the software to rack up more than a billion minutes of meetings.

Video is in high definition, with 200 people now able to join a conversation at once. Users can also share their mobile screens and share apps.

The new money will be invested partly in sales and marketing. Customers so far have been finding Zoom. “It’s all fruit on the ground, ” Mr. Subotovsky said, and the company wants to get better known and close bigger deals.

Competitors range from Cisco to Citrix Systems Inc. to Vidyo Inc. and Blue Jeans Network Inc., which are venture-backed, but Mr. Yuan says Zoom is innovative and offers a better product at a lower price.

“Quality is key, ” he said.

Current investors Qualcomm Ventures, Li Ka-shing’s Horizons Ventures, Yahoo Inc. co-founder Jerry Yang and Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong also participated in the round, which is a Series C.

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How do you video conference online? ? | Yahoo Answers

just click on the persons you want and hit ADD.
Their names will go to the list on the right side then.
When your done adding just click on the "Invite"button
and they will only have to accept the invite to join you
in your own conference room. Oh and be sure to check the box
"Enable Voice for this Conference" if you wish to speak to
them on the mic.
You can also start a conference with some one from your
IM window by just clicking on the Conference button and
following the same directions as above.
Once you are in the Conference room you can add more people
from there, just…

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