Top 5 Applications For Web Conferences

Do you like to play for luck, like in ketqua, xo so? Just not at work. Find 5 best video conferencing programs for your needs.

  • 1.Zoom

A video conferencing service whose popularity has grown since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. The secret of its success is in the functionality. Its creators realized in time what potential video conferencing has in the current conditions.

  • 2.Skype for Business

The maximum number of conference participants is 250. It is possible to make phone calls and show the screen. Skype has full integration with Windows, and this operating system remains dominant in the business segment.

  • 3.Discord

It is free of charge. With a low load on the device resources, it provides high sound quality, due to the use of the Opus audio codec.

  • 4.Google Hangouts

The maximum number of video conference participants is ten. However, it's a free service.There are basic functions for conferences and excellent integration with other Google services.

Image by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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