Video Conferencing Applications

At Blue Jeans, we believe video collaboration should be as flexible as your favorite pair of jeans. That's why we bring all of the major hardware and software video platforms together with a uniform user experience for you, your partners, and your customers.

Web Browser

Have you ever been running late for a video meeting, wishing you could join without booting up your hardware or launching an application? Blue Jeans brings full HD video conferencing right to your web browser. You can easily launch an instant meeting from the browser you already have open or join one with only a few clicks.

Blue Jeans supports major browsers on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Sometimes it may not be possible to make it to the conference room or your desk for a video call. No worries, Blue Jeans turns your tablet or smartphone into a mobile video system. Join from wherever you are and don't miss a beat. Blue Jeans offers both iOS and Android applications.

Room Systems (H.323 & SIP)

Room systems offer the ability for multiple people to attend a video meeting from a conference room.

While these systems made by vendors like Cisco, Polycom, and LifeSize are great for intracompany meetings, there are challenges connecting externally due to incompatibility and network constraints. Fortunately, you can use Blue Jeans to easily bridge these gaps and connect to customers and partners over video, regardless of what video platform they are using.

Blue Jeans interoperates with any H.323 or SIP room system.

Microsoft Lync

Simply put, Blue Jeans enables Microsoft Lync to be a more effective collaboration tool. Standard Lync deployments don't enable you to connect with room systems, or even Lync users at other companies. One-time federation to the Blue Jeans cloud is at all it takes to enable Lync for external use. Blue Jeans also plays the vital role of reducing bandwidth usage in Lync video meetings.

Other Software-Based Video Clients

With soft clients for laptops, tablets and smartphones, the ability to be face-to-face regardless of location is just a click away. That is unless, of course, you want to call someone on an incompatible system. Blue Jeans can fix this by connecting you from any platform to any other, whether it's Microsoft Lync to web browser, or any other combination.

Blue Jeans supports the following 3rd-party clients:

  • LifeSize Softphone
  • Avaya Scopia

Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Audio

In the event you'd rather work from home in your PJs or take a meeting in the car on your way to work, we provide an audio bridge for you to dial in from your mobile or landline phone.

Google Hangouts

Many companies have H.323 and SIP conference room video systems and desire the ability to incorporate them into Hangouts meetings. If that’s you, the Blue Jeans for Hangouts product is a great fit. Separate from the flagship Blue Jeans service, it utilizes the cloud to extend face-to-face collaboration through Hangouts across the full range of business environments.

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