Interactive Videoconferencing

The McMillen Center can connect with you through interactive videoconference equipment (a codec) or through equipment you can find in most classrooms or conference rooms. Once you schedule a K-12 program, we will send you age-appropriate props via the United States Postal Service, or via email, for use during your program.

Do you have a topic you would like us to develop? We can help with that too!

Distance Learning Connection Options

Connecting with one of our award winning interactive videoconferencing programs is easy. The McMillen Center has two options available:

If you have videoconferencing equipment available, we deliver programs via: If you do not have videoconferencing equipment available, we deliver programs via:
  • Videoconferencing codec
  • High speed internet connection
  • LCD screen, projector, or SmartBoard
  • Video camera
  • PC or Mac computer
  • Web camera

Distance Learning Rates and Scheduling

The rate for a standard videoconference is $150 per receiving site. (Bridging fees, if applicable, will be paid by the customer.) For discounts or grants that may be available to you, check our Grants & Other Opportunities page.

Scheduling one of our distance learning programs via interactive videoconference is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


Contact us to check on the availability of dates, verify your equipment needs, and answer any questions you might have.


Schedule your program through:


We will send you information to schedule a test call and receiving supplies for interactive activities, as appropriate for your program


"The McMillen Center is a fantastic resource for Montana schools. They have entertained and educated students and teachers from Kindergarten all the way to adults at teacher workshops. It’s amazing to see a whole room of students getting healthy, exercising and learning about healthy lifestyles. Thanks McMillen!"

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Web Conferencing Features

Web conferencing programs come with a tremendous variety of features and capabilities. Some can merge with a company's existing e-mail, calendar, messaging and office productivity applications. Some allow attendees to view the presentation in their regular web browser without installing any additional software.

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