Web and Audio conferencing

Global communication is a critical part of business today. Organizations must communicate effectively with international customers, partners and colleagues in today’s global economy. With fully integrated international audio and web conferencing, ReadyTalk makes it easy and convenient to share ideas and conduct business around the globe.

With a variety of international audio conferencing options, ReadyTalk helps companies communicate the way that is most effective. No matter the option, all of ReadyTalk’s international audio conferencing services include the ability to:

  • Hold on-demand or scheduled calls
  • Record calls for future playback or distribution
  • Dial-out to participants
  • Mute and unmute lines
  • Control the call with the phone keypad or web-based controls
  • Lock the call and utilize other security features

International Toll-Free

By using a country-specific toll-free number, international participants can join a conference in the same reliable and user-friendly way as domestic participants. ReadyTalk provides toll-free numbers for more than 75 countries.

International Toll Numbers

Toll numbers allows participants from any country to join a conference call. Participants are responsible for any long distance and international charges that may apply. Local toll numbers are available for more than 22 countries. The hosting company is responsible for the U.S. bridge rate.

International Dial-Out

Conference moderators can easily dial-out directly to international participants. Participants don’t incur long distance charges and it eliminates the need for conference organizers to distribute international numbers in advance.

Additionally, using the web-based conference controls, the chairperson can dial-out to as many as 20 participants, joining them to the call with a few clicks of the mouse.

Why ReadyTalk for International Audio Conferencing?

Quality and Reliability: Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality over a fully redundant worldwide voice network with more than 60K ports and 8 data centers.

Worldwide Availability: Global toll and toll-free access in more than 75 countries and direct dial-out to virtually anywhere in the world.

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Will 50 Mbps Internet speed be enough for web conferencing (audio and video) through Yahoo Messenger? | Yahoo Answers

Your local network connection is almost certainly 100 Mbps but that is only between your router/databox and other local pcs. Your internet connection is more likely to be 1.5 Mbps-5Mbps incoming and 384 Kbps outgoing.
Its will be hard to say if your actual internet connection speed is sufficient without testing it. Often the speed is sufficient but something called "latency" is not low enough to make video conferencing comfortable, at least part of the time.
If your going to get a router anyway, get a wireless one even if you cannot now use it. Just disable the wireless mode for now.…

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