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The WebEx Web Conferencing Application Programming Interface (WebEx Web Conferencing API) lets you manage XML services upon which WebEx Web Conferencing collaboration services are based. The WebEx Web Conferencing products provide services that involve a few key entities. The primary entities are the following:

  • WebEx Web Conferencing
  • Users

WebEx Web Conferencing services, such as creating a user, modifying information about a user, creating a meeting, exchanging files, and so on, are implemented by a set of operations. You can use these WebEx Meeting operations to facilitate specific aspects of WebEx Web Conferencing online sessions. You deploy these WebEx Web Conferencing services through the exchange of well-formed XML documents between your application and a WebEx Web Conferencing XML server. To access WebEx Web Conferencing services through a protocol of exchanges of XML documents, you must design your application to send XML request documents to the WebEx Web Conferencing XML server and to process the received response documents.

The XML API is a comprehensive set of services supporting most aspects of the WebEx Web Conferencing services. WebEx Web Conferencing maintains a database of user and site data. Your applications and WebEx Web Conferencing exchanges this data using XML, which allows your applications to interact with WebEx Web Conferencing, no matter how WebEx Web Conferencing stores the information internally. To help ensure that the meanings and the boundaries for each unit of data are well preserved, WebEx Web Conferencing standardizes the format of data exchanges between your application and the WebEx Web Conferencing XML servers by requiring them to conform to the XML Schema Definition (XSD), which is the only type of XML document supported in the two-way flow of XML between your application and the WebEx Web Conferencing XML servers.

Various XML request and response messages enable you to retrieve and change the information within those services. To optimize flexibility when requesting, the WebEx Web Conferencing XML server can handle more complex and lengthy stretches of markup that includes request control elements in addition to the elements of a particular operation.

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What companies specialize in web phone conferencing?

Chances are the company that provides your business with internet can also provide it with phone conferencing. You can also do online web conferences. Some businesses prefer this.

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