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Web conferencing tool for use teaching, hosting meetings, and holding office hours

Application sharing

Share a single application, multiple applications, or your entire desktop with your students. Grant control to one or more students, allowing them to interact with the application. You can also use application sharing for one-on-one coaching or remote technical support for students and faculty.

Powerful Moderator Tools

See all your students in the Participant window along with activity indicators that show who's entering a chat message or content on the whiteboard. You'll know immediately if any students are lagging behind. So you can slow your pace to allow those on a slower Internet connection to catch up. Plus, your students can use emoticons to indicate approval or confusion, raise their hand if they have a question, show they have stepped away, or respond to polling questions.

Instruction, help, meetingsInteractive Whiteboard

The staple of all classroom instruction is the whiteboard, where you can display PowerPoint or OpenOffice presentation slides. With the drag-and-drop screen explorer, you can easily and quickly rearrange the order of your slides. And with the ability to have multiple, simultaneous presenters, you'll have highly engaging discussions where everyone can contribute.

Multipoint Video

For online learning, it's all about engagement. With our follow-the-speaker, multipoint video, you can easily see who's talking, along with all the expressions and visual clues of a face-to-face conversation. Participants hear high-quality audio and see thumbnails of up to six active cameras, with the current speaker shown in the large video panel. You could even use video with document cameras or microscopes to enhance the learning experience.

Breakout Rooms

Students learn best when they engage and interact with one another in small groups to discuss course material.

Echo Cancellation

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Logitech, Inc Logitech TV Cam for Revue with Google TV
Home Theater (Logitech, Inc)
  • TV Cam makes widescreen, high-definition (720p) video calls from your HDTV
  • Logitech Revue with Google TV has discontinued support for this webcam, and this webcam is not compatible with PC, Mac, or other devices.
  • Logitech has discontinued Vid service, and this webcam does not support Skype or other services.
  • Comes with a wide-angle, Carl Zeiss lens with autofocus and 5x digital zoom
  • Sounds clear through noise reducing, echo canceling audio and two digital directional microphones
Logitech Logitech 960-000921 TV Cam HD for Skype Calls on HDTVs (Old Version)
Home Theater (Logitech)
  • HD TV Cam with Skype: Connect face-to-face with anyone on Skype from your HDTV to their smartphone, laptop, tablet or HDTV
  • Clear, full-room view: Wide-angle lens gets everyone in the call and lets you move freely around your TV room
  • HDTV-ready: Ready to use with simple plug-in to your HDMI port, plus integrated Skype and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Always on: Ringer alerts you to incoming calls-even if your HDTV is off. Included remote makes it easy to start, stop or zoom calls
  • Sharp, smooth HD widescreen video and crystal-clear sound: Precision Carl Zeiss optics and four built-in noise-cancelling microphpones
Logitech, Inc Logitech TV Cam for Skype, HD Video Calling on Compatible Skype-Enabled TVs
CE (Logitech, Inc)
  • Widescreen HD video calls on compatible Panasonic HDTVs: See friends and family in crisp, clear, fluid HD 720p. For a full list of compatible TVs please see product...
  • Skype-ready TV cam: Video call anyone who has a webcam and a Skype account-on their PC, Mac or internet-connected TV
  • Premium Carl Zeiss wide-angle lens with autofocus: Relax on the couch and everyone stays in the picture in razor-sharp video
  • Plug and play setup: Simply plug the camera into your Skype-enabled TV, log into your Skype account and start video calling
  • Long-range dual microphones: Built-in noise-reducing mics pick up your voice clearly, even if you re 10 feet from the TV
Conference Room Systems CRS TeamRoom USB Video Conferencing System
CE (Conference Room Systems)
  • 1080p DVI-I and USB 3.0 Conferencing Camera with 12X Optical Zoom for Medium Sized Rooms
  • Small, powerful computer with Intel i5 processor that can mount behind a TV or display and connect via HDMI
  • High-quality conference speakerphone that utilizes multiple microphones with the option to power daisy chain
  • Wireless touchpad keyboard for across-the-room control of your laptop or desktop
  • HDMI and USB extension cabling, system documentation and installation support


What companies specialize in web phone conferencing?

Chances are the company that provides your business with internet can also provide it with phone conferencing. You can also do online web conferences. Some businesses prefer this.

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