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Are you looking for a faster way to start and join ReadyTalk audio and web meetings? Do you need an easier way to invite others to your ad hoc meetings and demos? Streamline the process to start, join, and invite participants to online meetings with ReadyTalk Quick Launcher – a desktop tool available when you need it.

Start, Invite, and Join with Ease

In today’s virtual world, online meetings play a critical role in connecting with colleagues, customers and partners. However, the technology itself can get in the way of efficient interactions by taking you out of your workflow to launch an audio conference or web meeting.

With the ReadyTalk Quick Launcher, you can kick-off a meeting in seconds from your desktop:

  • Start and join a meeting with one click using stored account credentials.
  • View and start upcoming scheduled meetings, trainings or demos.
  • Quickly invite others from the app or copy and paste meeting information into your preferred email.
  • Start the meeting in Desktop Share mode to make collaboration and sales demos faster.

Quick Launcher makes it faster than ever to join another user’s web meeting by simply entering their 7-digit access code to bypass the registration process .

Audio Conferencing Flexibility

ReadyTalk Quick Launcher also makes it easier to start audio meetings and teleconferences by dialing your phone number and connecting you to the audio call. It remembers the last 10 numbers you dialed so you can quickly connect to your cell phone, desk phone or conference phone. You even have the option to automatically open the web meeting controls so you can see and manage audio participants via the web.

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