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course bundle from open learningWith the digital age becoming more and more visual, the demand for image-based content that can captivate consumers is exploding. Evidence for this trend abounds. Yahoo! acquired multimedia-focused blogging network Tumblr while Facebook acquired photo- and video-sharing service Instagram for more than a billion dollars each. But even the combined cost of these acquisitions pales in comparison to the $5 billion market valuation attained by the image-heavy site, Pinterest.

beautiful female face in urban back alleyGiven those figures, you’d wonder how much companies today will be willing to pay professionals who are adept at creating eye-catching images, or at drawing up UI and UX designs that keep users glued to a brand. Both the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and estimate the median annual wage for graphic designers at around $50, 000. Meanwhile, their more specialized cousins, user experience designers ($73, 000 – $110, 000) and visual designers ($60, 000 – $97, 000) generally take home much heftier salaries amid the feverish demand for digital savvy creatives for the UX segment. If you want your credentials to be in tune with the times, you’ll need to develop a fine eye for aesthetics and a basic proficiency in imaging tools. And the best way to do both is to learn Adobe’s — and the world’s — premiere imaging software.phlearn's aaron nace teaching photoshop Here are five of the best free online Photoshop courses that gives you a VIP pass into the heart of the Visual Web.

Site and Course Name Format Cost Open Learning
video tutorials bundle Free Digital Tutors
soundviewpro's judy korchak teaching Photoshopmultiple videos, 4.5-hrs total run time Free Phlearn multiple YouTube videos Free SoundviewPro multiple videos, 8 hrs. total run time Free (first set of lessons) Train Simple 2-hour video Free

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Class demo tutorial on photoshop image resizing
Class demo tutorial on photoshop image resizing
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Photoshop cc Malayalam Class 5 Ratheesh R Menon
CLASS Training: PhotoShop Essentials & Beyond Course
CLASS Training: PhotoShop Essentials & Beyond Course
Online classes: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketchup Pro, 3d Maya
Online classes: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketchup Pro, 3d Maya
Class on Demand Class on Demand: Complete Training for Adobe Photoshop CS6 Educational Training Tutorial with Sue Jenkins
Software (Class on Demand)
  • This Training has Seven Sections to Learn including Photoshop Overview, Photoshop Tools, Styles, Adjustment Layers and Layer Masks
  • Training Continues with Web Graphics, Retouching Techniques, Print Techniques and Even Edit Video
  • 7 Hours of Training with Award Winning, Adobe Certified Expert and Adobe Certified Instructor - Sue Jenkins
  • There is so much to learn about Photoshop CS6 - this training will get you started quickly and easily
Class on Demand Class on Demand Designers Guide to Photoshop for CS3 and CS4 Educational Training Tutorial DVD-ROM hosted by Sue Jenkins 90700
Photography (Class on Demand)
  • Five Part Tutorial including: Photoshop Overview, Photoshop Print, Photoshop for Web, Photoshop for Video, Photoshop for 3D
  • Just Under 8 Hours of Training!
  • With Award Winning Expert Sue Jenkins
Free Online LIVE Classes Photography, Photoshop, Premiere
Free Online LIVE Classes Photography, Photoshop, Premiere ...
Photoshop class2
Photoshop class2


What are some good classes on Photoshop that one can take online?

There are a multitude of websites offering Photoshop training, but these can cost several hundreds of pounds. One may be able to learn sufficient simply by watching instructional videos on youtube for free.

Is it possible to take online teaching classes of photoshop etc..and earn? | Yahoo Answers

i don't have alot knowledge but you can do this , there are some websites like photoshop tips and trics , of cragegroup , the first one is how to learn so you can contact them and see what they say , but about the second website it's a small online componey some group teach about all adobe softwares especially adobe and dreamwaver so i live in uk but i think they live in us so just try to contact them
i forgot their name but i pretty sure there was a name like crage teach ,,,,,
sorry if you need it very emergency just contact me i'll find it 4 u

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