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Online TrainingOnline learning is an option for those who prefer this style of learning or who cannot access class based training programme in their area.

For a Level 5 or Level 6 Major Award in Early Childhood Care and Education – sessions are delivered through blended learning- weekly online sessions and 1 class based Saturday session every 12 weeks.

The online environment consists of learners using software called WebEx to engage in real-time sessions with a trainer. The trainer will be visible to learners throughout the session.

Online sessions are scheduled 7pm- 9pm one night a week (Monday to Thursday). These sessions are recorded and sent to learners to review as a further learning support.

Benefits of online learning

  • Learner can engage in training from home without incurring any travel time or cost
  • Handouts and course material sent via email to your email inbox
  • Log in to approximately 12 live sessions where learners interact with both trainer and other learners on the programme


I’m new to online learning!

If you are not already familiar with our online training programme, an induction training session is offered to you before the start of the programme.

General requirements – you will need:

  • Basic IT skills (use of email and a full word processing package for assignment work)
  • A PC/laptop that is enabled with a microphone and speakers (or capacity for use with a headset) and webcam
  • Access to an internet service, broadband if possible
  • To attend a minimum of 85% of live sessions

Technical Requirements – you will need:

  • Computer (PC or MAC) using XP, Vista, Windows 7 or higher software
  • Access to an internet service, preferably broadband (using Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox 2 or higher)
  • To ensure your computer allows Java script and cookies
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Where is a good online resource for learning more about 'information hoarding'

A good resource for research on information hoarding is a paper written by Ranae Reinhardy. You can find it here-

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