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Free meeting scheduling software from DoodleHave you ever wanted to arrange a meeting and manage it on one website with a few simple clicks? Well, you’re just one of the hundreds of people around the globe who lie awake at night dreaming – nay, pining – for a meeting scheduling software that would fulfil all your needs. But wait! Now you can sleep better at night and be more productive during the day with Doodle’s meeting planner software. You can schedule meetings with colleagues or even arrange a suitable date for a girls’ night in - and all for free!

Here’s how:

Schedule, plan, organise and more with Doodle’s free meeting scheduling software!

That’s right folks, this is not a scam or ploy to obtain your data and sell it to third party advertisers. Doodle is completely free and always will be. In fact, you don’t even have to register an account in order to use the meeting scheduling software provided by Doodle. Although the appointment scheduling software tends to be far more popular due to the fact that people generally have more appointments than meetings, the free service that Doodle provides can serve as a scheduler for both meetings and appointments as well as a convenient way to poll or survey your friends or colleagues. In a brilliant little four-step process that is both quick and straight forward, you can make the most of this free meeting scheduling software.

How to use the meeting scheduling software provided by Doodle

Before starting to schedule a meeting, it’s important to note that there are a few different benefits when you use Doodle in different ways. At the beginning, when you are entering basic information pictured in the screenshot below, you are only required to enter the bare minimum of information. The title of the meeting is necessary, of course, and so are your name and email address so that you can amend, close or delete the meeting scheduler at a later date.

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