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IDVideoPhone Desktop VideoAre you looking to participate in face to face meetings using nothing more than a laptop and webcam? Using leading edge SVC technology from Vidyo, our IDVideoPhone service provides all the convenience of high definition video conferencing and collaboration but without any investment in the required infrastructure. Perhaps you recall the early days of DTVC - the functionality was fairly crude, as was the quality. Low frame and bitrates, poor quality and limited interoperability limited widespread deployment. Fast forward to the present and discover how IDVideoPhone delivers the highest quality of video with a minimal monthly cost and no long term service contracts.

The industry's most interoperable video conferencing service:

What is IDVideoPhone?

IDVideoPhone (IDVP) is an interactive video conferencing service from IDSolutions that lets you participate in point to point and multipoint conferences, share data, record and more. It delivers high definition video using a webcam and laptop, MAC or PC at a monthly cost per user that is less than most cell phone plans!

IDVideoPhone runs on a fully redundant architecture at our co-location facility over a Tier 1 Internet connection with full QoS. This level of service provides you with the confidence necessary to conduct daily business as a tool to reduce unnecessary travel, improve communication and increase productivity.

IDVideoPhone Desktop VideoThe IDVP service lets businesses, schools, governments and healthcare organizations interact remotely like never before. There are multiple applications for the IDVP service:

  • Business partner meetings
  • Patient-doctor consultations
  • Teacher to student meetings
  • Remote interviews
  • Healthcare facility visitation
  • And many more

Multipoint Capability Greatly Reduces Travel

A unique IDVP feature is the ability to host high quality multipoint conferences. A breakthrough in codec technology provides the user an on-line high definition video conferencing room where visits are just a click away. Imagine having your own virtual conference room on the web where you can meet and discuss important business issues, assignments, collaborate on designs or discuss financial issues in a secure environment.

Our IDVP service offers industry leading features that can help you improve communication, increase productivity and reduce costs:

  • Dedicated point to point and multipoint conferencing
  • Meeting room security through the use of PIN codes
  • Desktop application sharing to remote participants
  • Full motion, 720/1080p high definition video
  • Session capture, record and playback capability
  • Interoperability with legacy H323/SIP systems

The IDVideoPhone service is a great alternative to an equipment investment – it allows you to try out the functionality without making a major capital investment in new and unfamiliar technology.

When it comes to a desktop video conferencing service you need a reliable, experienced and trusted advisor. At IDSolutions we can help you understand the solution through participation – our team uses the IDVP service daily and can walk you through a live demonstration just by asking. Request a demo today at:

VidyoMobile - Official Demo Center

IDSolutions offers demo accounts on a case by case basis for all Apple iPhone and iPAD users with the VidyoMobile application. Users can make calls to other VidyoMobile users as well as desktop and room based systems.


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