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weeno video chat zimletAt Zimbra, we love to highlight how our partners are building enhancements and supplying Zimbra users with new, custom features. Below is a guest post by Weemo

Have you ever received an urgent email message which was not clear and required immediate clarification? Have you witnessed a group email discussion turn into an asynchronous brainstorming exercise? Have you received a document for review that needed additional comments from the author?

These situations happen every day in our email boxes. Usually, you would respond to these by sending more emails. To save time and gain efficiency, in Zimbra you can now use the Weemo Video Chat Zimlet. This Zimlet allows you to escalate to real-time video directly from your Zimbra email and calendar. It is easy to use quickly, providing clear value. Once the Zimlet is installed, all it takes to video chat is a single click!

Video Chat Zimlet for Zimbra - example

Last month at The Big Social conference, we revealed a new version of our video chat Zimlet to Zimbra partners. Unlike many Zimlets for end-users, the Weemo Video Chat Zimlet is offered to Zimbra Service Providers to complement their hosted Zimbra solutions. As Patricio Bruna, founder of IT Linux and the ZBox service, reported: “Over the past year we have received many requests from our customers to include video chat with our Zimbra services. This caused us to explore real-time video solutions, and happily we found the Weemo Video Chat Zimlet. We were impressed after testing the Weemo Zimlet and decided to deploy it in our Zimbra hosted service under our ZBox brand.”

This Zimlet enables users on Windows and Mac (using any browser) to:

  • Determine online status of other Zimbra users
  • Video chat in a single click from the contact card of other Zimbra users
  • Start a 1-to-1 video chat by dragging a contact into the Weemo Zimlet
  • Escalate from a 1-to-1 to group video with a single click
  • Initiate or join a group video session with host level controls
  • Run applications with other video chat participants or share a desktop with them

The Partner Program includes a free 30-day trial of the Zimlet. Once Solution and Service Providers are ready to deploy the Zimlet, it is easy to associate it with either an existing Zimbra Class of Service or create a new premium Class of Service that includes Weemo video.

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What is real time video streaming?

it is a video streaming  that offers playback features and mores .

Free Real Time Video Conferencing Is Here. Will You Use It?

We have always believed that soon we can just do video conference with anyone on our computer. We've seen them on movies and sci-fi or James Bond film. The interesting thing is that even though the technology actually existed today that allows us to chat to each-other on video in real time, this service has still not really taken off. One reason is not everyone wnats to be seen while on the phone.  Real time video calling seems to be slow getting adoption. A start-up

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